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Do you believe behavioral intervention is the best way to help children achieve happiness and self-sufficiency? If you’re passionate about helping autistic children reach their full potential through individualized treatment plans, we have a job opportunity available in Orlando.

Job Details

Do you believe behavioral intervention is the best way to help children achieve happiness and self-sufficiency? If you feel passionate about your career as an ABA-certified behavior analyst and want to help autistic children reach their full potential through individualized treatment plans, we would love to hear from you as we have a job opportunity available in Orlando.

We are now hiring a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to join us and deliver high-quality ABA therapy services to individuals, particularly children, on the autism spectrum or with developmental disabilities.
Come and make a meaningful impact with us!

Company Overview

At ABA of Southwest Florida Corp, we believe that we can make a difference in how autistic children can integrate into the world and have the best chances of success in life. No one should be excluded from the community — and that includes children on the autism spectrum. Thanks to our experience and dedication, we have created personalized treatment plans to help every child who needs our services.

Our approach is based on ABA strategies and techniques. We focus on verbal behavior intervention, positive behavior support, and evidence-based therapy programs for children. Our pivotal role is to conduct assessments and support children on the autism spectrum to move from disruptive social and play behaviors to acceptable and constructive ones, with ABA therapy.

Our clinical supervisor therapists work in a supportive and nurturing work environment and we help them develop their own therapies, adjusted for each case.

Qualifications Required

To qualify for a board-certified behavior analyst position, candidates must have educational prerequisites in the field of applied behavior analysis, psychology, special education, or a closely related field.

As we want to offer the best behavior therapist services possible, we require BCBA in Orlando applicants to hold current BCBA certification. Preferred qualifications of a dedicated board-certified therapist include experience working with individuals with autism and expertise in conducting functional behavior assessments and up-to-date behavior interventions.

Full Job Description

As a BCBA in our Orlando offices, your main responsibilities will be to develop individualized treatment, conduct functional behavior treatment plans based on the child’s needs, implement customized behavior intervention plans, and assess their results. We believe that each child is different and the ABA therapy services should be constantly assessed to match their needs.

  • Your task will be to conduct functional behavior assessments, implement individualized programs, use data-driven decision-making, and apply ABA principles based on each case’s behavioral assessments.
  • Part of your clinical operations job is to support and train parents so they have the right family therapy tools to continue the ABA behavior interventions at home and build up on what you have already done at ABA of Southwest Florida. With such a sustained approach, children and young people on the autism spectrum have the best chances of success.
  • You will supervise a team of behavioral therapists delivering ABA therapies in our Florida communities. 
  • Teamwork always works best, which is why you will work with families, schools, other stakeholders, and leading researchers to help them apply various functional analysis techniques of ABA therapy and reinforce the therapies you are already applying.
  • We believe that ABA therapy should be constantly evaluated and adjusted, depending on the client’s developmental disabilities and progress. You will be required to adapt therapy principles that increase communication and match the children’s ever-changing needs.

What We Offer

The position offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including company-subsidized health insurance.

  • You will also receive professional development assistance, covering expenses for conference attendance so that you develop your professional skills.
  • ABA of Southwest Florida in Orlando offers excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth within a supportive work environment backed by a dedicated clinical team.
  • We offer flexible scheduling and can accommodate evening and weekend hours, with remote work options available for qualified candidates.
  • The position includes reimbursement for licensure and certification fees.
  • As part of our team of certified behavior analysts, you will receive paid time off and holidays.

Apply Here

If you feel you are a person who inspires a team and thrives in offering behavior therapy and autism services, we’d love to hear from you! Simply apply through our website at https://autismabatherapy.com/join-us/ and we’ll get right back to you.

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