Each month, we diligently identify our top-performing individuals through a thorough assessment of client testimonials.
we provide incentives to our staff to get the best clinical results possible in all aspects.

    Congratulations to Christal, our RBT of the Month! We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the clients and their mom, who have reached out to express their happiness with the remarkable progress they've witnessed in such a short time. Christal's dedication and impact are truly making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. We are proud to have her on our team, and her commitment is a shining example of the excellence we strive for in our services. Well done, Christal!" “ We love Chistal, she is making a big impact on our entire family”

      "Please join me in extending heartfelt congratulations to Hildelene, our well-deserved recipient of RBT of the Month. Hildelene consistently demonstrates professionalism, both as a dedicated team member and in her interactions with clients. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the great results achieved, and her clients continually express praise for her exceptional work as an RBT. We applaud Hildelene for her outstanding contributions and are proud to have her as a valued member of our team. Congratulations, Hildelene! "Hildeline is a godsend to our family, her dedication to our son improvements and ability to adapt to new challenges bring about the results we always hope for"

        Congratulations to (RBT of the month) Allan for been able to move his client from special Ed to regular class in 3 months, the parents and the school staff are so impressed with his client progress they are requesting our information to be available for other parents “Mr. Allan nonstop approach has resulted in amazing advances for our son in school, at home and all around behaviors”

          We would like to formally acknowledge Yusmaris as the Recipient of the Month for her outstanding contributions. Yusmaris exemplifies the qualities of an exemplary professional, and her contributions are a testament to the caliber of employee any organization would be fortunate to have. The level of therapy she has provided has not only made a significant difference for her client’s family but has also instilled confidence and reassurance “The positive transformation we see in our child' development is truly remarkable, and we attribute this progress to Yusmaris's expertise and adaptability. Her exceptional service has created a strong bond with our family, and we often find ourselves contemplating the invaluable impact she has had on our lives.

            "We are thrilled to share the incredible achievement of our RBT, Pauline. Through her dedication, expertise and her remarkable ability to establish an exceptional rapport, she reflects dedication and professionalism at all times. Pauline has demonstrated exemplary organizational skills and consistently implemented a strategic approach to therapy.

              Congratulations to office manager regla “I wanted to reach out to you this morning to let you know how much I appreciate Regla Seruti. She truly has been amazing through the process of trying to get my child ABA THERAPY services. I've went through several facilities already now with trying to get assistance and they continue to ask me for certain requirements test and all they would just do is send me emails and send me on my merry way. Regla is SO AMAZING! She helped me throughout the process, answered all of my questions and even followed up with me when I took longer than intended on my end to make sure that everything was OK. As soon as she found out exactly what I needed, she sprang into action and set up an appointment for ABC testing services and then also advise me of what the next steps would be with my insurance. You can tell that she definitely takes a lot of pride in her job, and she appreciates and handles her patients to ensure they get what they need. It's very rare and it's starting to diminish the world that we live in today, so thanks to her she has restored my hope and has made this process easier for me. I wanted to reach out and make sure that somebody was aware because I truly truly appreciate all that she's done for me and my daughter and I can't wait to start ABA services. Thanks to her that will be possible now because I understand the process and she's also done a lot of legwork. I'm not sure if I'm able to send her a small token of gratitude if so, can you please let me know where l can send it? If not I completely understand. Your office overall has been great with reaching out and making sure to get what I need but I wanted to make sure that everybody heard how much Regla is appreciated and how phenomenal she's been throughout this process.

                Yusmaris is unwavering in her commitment to maintaining discipline, ensuring the client does not engage in undesirable behavior. Her structured and consistent approach has notably contributed to significant improvements in various areas, including expressing emotions, transitioning between activities, enhancing social skills, completing non-preferred activities, and effectively managing negative feelings and tantrums. Yusmaris also maintains open and constructive communication with both parents, actively seeking feedback and information to tailor her approach. This level of engagement reflects her dedication to providing personalized and effective support. She has worked very hard to see all my son's improvements, and I can recognize her love for her profession every time I see her working with my son. She has been very patient with him and with us while learning how to deal with temper tantrums and train him to use the toilet. Also, she has been able to teach him to be independent and to manage different environments and sensory events in ways we never imagined that he would be able to do. I am delighted with all the time and dedication she has dedicated to my son because he is an entirely different kid in the best way possible. My son is doing an excellent job academically, and Yusmarys has made that possible. He has received various awards such as the BUG Bringing Up Grades Award, the All A's Honor Roll, and the Certificate of Achievement in PE. Also, my son can write his name, numbers, letters, words without difficulties. He also can make requests and answer simple questions. Every time we see how he makes eye contact, follows directions, and acknowledges us as his family, I remember that I have won the lottery by having Yusmarys as my son's RBT therapist. She deserves to be recognized for being professional at all times and for all her consistent hard work.