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Welcome to Autism ABA Therapy In-Home Services! At Autism ABA Therapy, we’re passionate about providing personalized and effective ABA therapy for your child. But what exactly is In-Home ABA Therapy, how we do it, and why choose our services?

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What is In-Home ABA Therapy?

In-Home ABA Therapy at Autism ABA Therapy involves board-certified behavior analysts and a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) working directly with your child in the comfort of your own home. Our team is committed to tailoring each session to meet the unique needs and goals of your child as well as your available schedule and location.

How is it Conducted?

Our board-certified behavior analysts at Autism ABA Therapy employ evidence-based techniques to create a customized therapy plan for your child. Through interactive and play-based activities implemented by the RBT, we foster skill development in a familiar environment, ensuring a more engaging and comfortable experience.

Advantages of In-Home ABA Therapy:

– Personalized Attention:

Your child receives one-on-one attention, promoting a more focused and targeted therapeutic experience.

– Familiar Environment:

Learning occurs within the familiar surroundings of your home, enhancing comfort and reducing anxiety.

– Family Involvement:

We encourage family participation, fostering a collaborative approach to your child’s development.

Key Takeaways:

– Board-Certified Behavior Analysts:

Our team at Autism ABA Therapy comprises highly trained and board-certified behavior analysts, ensuring the highest standard of care for your child.

– Registered Behavior Technician (RBT):

Our RBTs play a crucial role in implementing therapy plans. They are highly trained and certified professionals dedicated to supporting your child’s growth and development.

– Benefits of RBT Involvement:

RBTs provide consistent and structured interactions, contributing to the overall effectiveness of ABA therapy. They work under the guidance of behavior analysts to ensure your child receives the best care.

– Home-Based ABA Therapy:

We specialize in delivering ABA therapy directly in the home environment, providing a seamless and integrated experience.

– Privacy Matters:

Our commitment to confidentiality is reflected in our strict adherence to privacy regulations. Explore our notice of privacy for more details.

– Find a Location:

With our in-home services at Autism ABA Therapy, location is no barrier. We bring therapy to your doorstep.

Benefits of In-Home ABA Therapy:

Experience the following benefits when you choose Autism ABA Therapy In-Home Services:

– Convenience:

No need to travel; we bring therapy to your doorstep.

– Flexibility:

Schedule sessions at times that suit your family’s routine.

– Real-world Application:

Skills learned at home easily transfer to everyday life.

Our Vision and Approach:

Autism ABA Therapy strives to find the perfect service provider for each of our clients. We prefer custom over general, envisioning a future where every consumer attains the highest possible positive outcomes.

Ready to embark on a journey of growth and development with your child? Contact Autism ABA Therapy today to discover the transformative benefits of In-Home ABA Therapy.

In-Home ABA Therapy FAQs

In-home ABA therapy involves a board-certified behavior analyst creating a personalized treatment plan for the child, often with the assistance of a registered behavior technician. The therapy sessions take place within the child’s home, allowing the child to receive intervention in their natural environment. The therapy aims to teach new skills and address behavioral challenges specific to the child’s needs.

In-home ABA therapy occurs within the child’s home environment, providing a natural and familiar setting for therapy sessions. This setting allows the therapist to work directly on behaviors and skills that are relevant to the child’s everyday life. In contrast, center-based therapy takes place in a clinical setting, which may not always directly translate to the child’s natural environment.

Yes, in-home ABA therapy can significantly help children with autism in learning and improving social skills. Behavior analysts and technicians use applied behavior analysis techniques to teach appropriate social interactions, communication, and relationship-building skills within the child’s home environment. This setting provides opportunities for practical application and reinforcement of learned behaviors in everyday situations.

In-home ABA therapy allows parents and caregivers to actively participate in their child’s therapy sessions. They can observe techniques used by behavior technicians and learn strategies to support their child’s development outside of therapy sessions. Parents’ involvement can facilitate consistent implementation of learned skills and behaviors in the child’s daily routines, leading to more effective and lasting progress.

In-home ABA therapy can produce significant positive outcomes for children with autism. It focuses on teaching life skills, communication, and social behaviors, enabling the child to make considerable progress in their development. Through consistent and personalized therapy at home, children with autism can learn new skills that enhance their independence and quality of life.

Services We Provide

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment will help us focus our skills on the areas where the problem expresses itself the most. We can then start working on it and slowly build on that and expand our ABA therapy for autism to other precarious mental areas.

Early Intervention

ABA therapy for autism works best when applied early. We emphasize early intervention to help individuals fulfill their potential and progress in their educational, professional, and personal lives as independently as possible.

In-Home ABA Therapy

Our therapists collaborate with parents and caregivers, who are vital partners in the journey to positive change. Together, we build a strong foundation for progress for yourself and your loved ones.

School-Based ABA Therapy

Our interventions have been proven to help students succeed not only academically but also in building positive social relationships within the school community.

Telehealth ABA Therapy

Telehealth ABA therapy can be a game-changer. It breaks down barriers and makes essential therapy services more accessible to follow than ever before.

ADOS-2 Testing

The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured, standardized assessment instrument that includes play-based activities designed to observe signs of autism


In-home ABA therapy is a valuable and effective approach for children with autism spectrum disorder. Conducted in the child’s natural environment, this therapy allows for a personalized and targeted intervention, focusing on the development of life skills, social interactions, and behavior. With the involvement of board-certified behavior analysts and registered behavior technicians, children can learn and practice new skills in the familiar surroundings of their home. The active participation of parents and caregivers further supports the child’s progress by facilitating the consistent application of learned skills in their everyday routines. In-home ABA therapy offers a holistic and personalized approach to autism therapy, promoting significant positive changes in a child’s life.

Locations We Serve

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